Photograph 60

Sitting on chair (left to right): Tarapada (a monk from another order), Swami Shivananda, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Niranjanananda, and Swami Sadananda.
Standing (left to right): Alasinga Perumal, J. J. Goodwin, M. N. Banerjee, and other local devotees.
Front row (left to right): (second) Biligiri Iyengar, (fourth) M. C. Nanjunda Rao.3

This photo appears to have been taken a few days after the two single ones (nos. 58, 59) of Swamiji. In all respects his appearance is the same, except that his shaven head shows signs of a few days’ growth. It seems quite possible that Mr. Mudaliar took this group photo as well. One can well imagine that he could have come to Castle Kernan where Swamiji was staying. It seems unlikely that so many people, especially the local devotees, would go to a studio to have an official photograph taken.

Mr. Sundararama Iyer mentioned in his reminiscences:

At last the train steamed into the station to the great delight of all who had gathered there and been kept waiting owing to the lateness of its arrival. The swami alighted in company with two of his fellow disciples of Sri Ramakrishna [Swamis Shivananda and Niranjanananda] and another who was his own disciple [Swami Sadananda] and had been attracted to him while he was formerly a stationmaster in some railway line in North India. They had gone to Colombo to meet him and to give him new kashaya (ochre) clothing for his wear as an Indian sannyasin in lieu of his European costume. The swami was also accompanied by Mr. Goodwin, the Englishman who had been engaged to take down in shorthand his lectures in America and who had become his disciple and refused to accept any wages for his work and now had got himself attached to the swami for the rest of his life. He was clothed in purely Indian and brahmin costume to the surprise of us all.

He goes on to say that when Swamiji was with his brother disciples at Castle Kernan: “Their simple ways and hearty greetings, their easy manners and frank unconventional behavior towards each other, were very attractive to all who had the privilege of getting into the interior of Castle Kernan.”

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