Photograph 93

Miss Blanche Partington, a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle, visited the Turk Street flat where Swamiji was staying to interview him. Her report of this interview, "A Dusky Philosopher From India" was published in the Chronicle of March 18, 1900.

When Miss Partington asked for a photo to publish along with her article, she was given one which she referred to as being like Othello.

" 'I asked for a picture to illustrate this article, and when someone handed me a certain 'cut' which has been extensively used in lecture advertisements here he uttered a mild protest against its use. [One might well remember Swamiji's earlier reference to Harrison's "nasty standing photos."]

'But that does not look like you,' said I.

'No, it is as if I wished to kill someone,' he said smiling, 'like--like--'

'Othello,' I inserted rashly. But the little audience of friends only smiled as the swami made laughing recognition of the absurd resemblance of the picture to the jealous Moor. But I do not use that picture.' "

In New Discoveries we learn: "As for the picture of Swamiji which Miss Partington likened to Othello, it may have been one of those taken during the Parliament of Religions in 1893, showing him standing with his arms folded and looking like the heroic warrior-monk that he was. The photograph which she chose to accompany her article was in another mood entirely. Here Swamiji is seated in his robe and turban, his right elbow rests on the arm of his settee, he leans slightly to the right, his head supported by his hand. This picture was one of several [seven] taken professionally in San Francisco [at Bushnell Studio], perhaps at Mrs. Hansbrough's urging and certainly before March 17."

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